Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blackfish UKHC comp

This comp was pretty much my introduction to underground/D.I.Y. Hardcore.  My tastes have moved on since then but I do get this out from time to time when I'm feeling nostalgic.  Some of these songs have appeared on other things but most of the content is exclusive to this comp.  Bands: Unite (doing a cover of Screamager by Therapy?), Incoherence, Decimate, Stampin' Ground (doing a crap cover of Bringin' It Down by Judge), Special Move, Knuckledust, xCanaanx, AKO (doing a horrendous cover of Start Today by Gorrila Biscuits, worse than Fall Out Boy's version), Above All, Divide, Raiden, Underule, Stuntface, Freebase (doing a beefed up cover of No Friend Of Mine by Slapshot), Bluntside, 50 Caliber, In Decades Decline, Understand, January Thirst, Set Against, M.T.A. and Spine.

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