Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Kick Kick Murder Squad - Discography

Powerviolence from the Isle of Sheppey (contender for the most inbred area in the UK), Kent.  Kind of like Crossed Out mixed with Total Fucking Destruction (One thing I always noticed when they played, their drummer seemed to emulate Richard Hoak's style).  They just gave away their CDs at shows, but as many times as I saw them I missed whenever they gave out their stuff.  This is a couple of CDRs Anthony (Bass/Vocalist) gave me as a thank you for all the times I came out to see them at the shows he put on at The Ivy Leaf in Sheerness.  They played their last official show with the reformed Discharge, but they have played one other show since at the last gig of their mates At The Gates worship band Denounce at The Red Lion in Gravesend (another place in Kent you don't want to visit).

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