Thursday, 17 March 2011

The non-Hardcore post

I can't listen to Hardcore all the time, I'd get bored with life if I did.  So I thought I'd post some stuff that, while not Hardcore is at least Punk related.

The Sans Pareil - MMVIII demo CDR

London based folk from members of The Guillaume Seam and November Coming Fire, this was given away free, you can also find a free download of their most recent EP.

Sexton Ming - Failed Intellectual Book/CD

I live in Medway, Strood specifically (a wonderful place to get mugged at knifepoint). It's not a great scene for "proper" Hardcore, a lot of Beatdown/New Era caps/haircare products which isn't really my thing, Medway is more well known for its Garage Punk/Indie scene.  One of our most well known exports is Sexton Ming, founder of The Medway Poets with the more famous Billy Childish, Garge Punk musician, artist and diagnosed Schizophrenic.  Failed Intellectual is a collection of lyrics, poems and short stories with a CD of him reading a selection of his stuff.

A couple short stories that aren't on the CD

A selction from a sseries of stories about a talking Bull named Randos, who enjoys beer, curry, shitting in things and swearing (click to read)
A story about the time Jello Biafra stayed on his couch.

One Night Stand In North Dakota - Dworkin's Bastards

Two piece acoustic Punk from Pity Me, Durham.  You can get their demo for free (although the sound quality isn't that great).

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