Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Post-Hardcore Post

The majority of these bands are from Kent, there might be a lot of shit Moshcore coming out of here right now but there's plenty of grown up sounding stuff too.

Like Hurricane/Knives - split CD

Post-Hardcore from Canterbury, Kent and Birmingham.  Mostly putting this up for the Like Hurricane tracks, lots of intricate guitar work, lush melodies and just generally bloody lovely.  One or two members now play in the Hot Snakes influenced Great Ancestors.

Lakes - self titled CD

Spazzy Post-Hardcore from Ashford, Kent.  The song Our Town is about an incident when a group of local youths kicked an immigrant to death.  They also released two splits under this name before finding out there also an American Christian Rock band also called Lakes, they are continuing  today as Kid Pang.  3/4 members also play in Man Hands.  The singer can be a prize dick at the best of times.  I saw them play a practice room show in Margate with At A Crawl and Diet Pills, their singer was wasted and being a bit leary the whole while.  Diet Pills played the singer thanked At A Crawl and Kid Pang "the singer's a bit of a knob though" at which point Kid Pang's singer pulled out a small block of hash and started waving it around in the air, to which Diet Pills singer said "Oh no, what a great guy...and his sister's fit too!"

Diet Pills - self titled 7"

Sludgey Noise Rock from Leicester, very Jesus Lizard.

Sky:Lark - self titled LP

Noisey Post-Hardcore with member from Margate and London.  This only just came out yesterday before posting this so I'm not going to put it up for download, but you can stream the whole LP online, I imagine that they'll find a way to sell it there too, buy their shit, support the local Punk scene and whatnot. 
EDIT: You can now Download the Sky:Lark LP fom their Bandcamp


  1. Hey dude, please feel free to put a link to the Sky:Lark record, we've put it so it's up for free download on our bandcamp, and hopefully we'll have a webstore set up if anyone likes it enough to put down some cash for a 12".

    What you're doing here is awesome, it's a fucking honour to be alongside Diet Pills, Lakes/Kid Pang, Brain Dead, The Horror, Hangover Heartattack....the list goes on. Blogs like this are pretty much the best use of the internet I can think of.

    John Sky:Lark

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