Friday, 18 March 2011

Ushering In A New Age Of Quarrel...A UKHC Tribute To The Cro-Mags CD

If I'm honest, this is pretty shit, but it does have Voorhees doing a cover of Life Of My Own and Lecky's Vegan Straight Edge Metalcore side band Withdrawn (see Gonna Make The Pony Trot) doing Hard Times so it's worth having just for that.  The only other thing worth mentioning is the cover of We Gotta Know by Public Disturbance, who featured the Peado singer from Lostprophets on drums.  Forgetable covers by: D.S.F.A., Stampin' Ground, Set Against, Primate, Divide, Freebase, Underule, I.O.D., 2000 Strong, Step Back, Up In Arms, Co-Exist, Ackbar and Human Error.

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