Sunday, 10 April 2011

33 - Demo CDR/CCHC Bitchfest

Hatecore from Cardiff featuring Tony from Dukes Of Nothing and members of Ironclad (probably some people from Wardogs too, the Cardiff scene has a weird incestuous thing about sharing members of each others bands).

Now before I start this I want to make it perfectly clear I’ve got nothing against Welsh people. My Mother’s family originally came from Wales and I’m very aware and proud of my Welsh heritage. I’ve got nothing but love for Welsh people, Welsh Hardcore kids I don’t like so much. The Welsh scene has been responsible for some of the worst Beatdown Hardcore in recent years and Welsh Hardcore kids at shows mosh like arseholes (have you ever seen that dude from Ark Of The Covenant? He’s always jumping up and taking big swings at head level). The first time I saw Brutality Will Prevail in Chatham they brought another Welsh band called The Joyride Manoeuvre with them, while they played BWP’s drummer and merch girl started dancing in a manner so violent it shocked the local kids who were used to just two stepping at the time, since then Wales and Kent has had a weird kinship, whenever there is a big show here there’s usually two, three, fuck me, sometimes as many as four Welsh bands on the bill. It isn’t all shitty Beatdown in Wales, there has been a few good bands like Freeze Up (R.I.P.), Ironclad (as thug like as they come off they are actually a decent band), 33 and Smiler (who I don’t really associate with the CCHC scene as they’re all old boys who look like they were around for Hardcore in the 80’s).

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