Friday, 8 April 2011

Barricades And Broken Dreams - An International Tribute To Conflict

Another UK released comp that isn't all UK bands.  Unlike the Cro-Mags tribute that Blackfish also put out, this is actually really good.  I ordered this by accidentally scribbling the wrong catalogue number in the Plastichead (who distributed Blackfishs stuff) order form.  I hadn't actually heard of Conflict before being sent this comp and on the strength of a few bands I already liked on the album I checked them out and they subsequently became one of my favourite bands and (along with Youth Of Today) convinced me to stop eating meat and become concerned with Animal Rights.  Brits: Freebase, Statement, Four Letter Word, Medulla Nocte, Kismet H.C., In The Shit, Labrat, Engage, Silent Season, Rotunda, Human Error, Egg Raid, Wat Tyler, Cracked Cop Skulls, Unique Freak, Kraynium, I Oppose Thee (members of Rectify, 100,000 Bodybags and In The Shit collaborating for this comp), Co-Exist, Dogshit Sandwich, Cornflakes, M.T.A. Yanks: Aus-Rotten, Nu Speak, Litmus Green, Pols: Sunrise, Italians: Kafka, Swedes: Driller Killer.

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