Friday, 1 April 2011

The Sludge Post

Charger - Confessions Of Man (Mad Enough To Live Amongst Beasts) CD

Iron Monkey infulenced Sludge from Stoke-On -Trent.

Lazarus Blackstar - Revelations CD

More Doom than Sludge but they did feature Paul Catten who was the vocalist in Death/Rap/Metalcore band Medulla Nocte and co-vocalist in Murder One with Johnny Morrow before he died.  They have a new singer now who looks like Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean.  This features a Sludged up cover of I Bleed Black by Saint Vitus

Pale Horse - Gee, That Ain't Swell CD

Avant-Sludge, guitarless, two bass attack from London featuring members of Million Dead and Armed Response Unit.

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  1. the new lazarus blackstar singer used to be in after the massacre if you remember them...