Friday, 8 July 2011

Trapped In A Scene companion comp CD

Compilation put together by Ian Glasper to accompany his book of the same name on the first wave of UKHC/Crust/Grindcore.  Classic, rare and unreleased tracks by: Napalm Death, Doom, Sacrilege, Flithkick, Unseen Terror, The Depraved, Bad Beach, Heresy, Concrete Sox, Intense Degree, Dr. And The Crippens, Electro Hippies, Jailcell Recipes, Hellbastard, The Fiend, H.D.Q., Civilised Society?, Stupids, Extreme Noise Terror, Deviated Instinct, Default, The Uprising, Long Cold Stare, Bad Dress Sense, Axegrinder, Atavistic, Ripcord, Prophecy Of Doom, Terrorain, Cowboy Killers and Paranoid Visions.

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