Saturday, 13 August 2011

Man Hands/Human Junk - "Man Junk" split tape

Basically I just got this at Kid Pang's last show yesterday and I'm putting it straight up here because I'm a terrible, terrible person.  Two of the best bands from the Margate Practice Rooms mini-scene, Human Junk from Broadstairs and Man Hands from Ashford, who haven't broken up since Gareth went back to November Coming Fire as I previously posted but have got John from Sky:Lark on vocal duties, some would argue that they're better now.  This tape is in limited quantities so pick one up one their joint tour, if you happen to live in the North of England, if not...erm...maybe Sam from Human Junk will put any remaining copies up for sale from his distro.

EDIT: You can buy the tape from Human Junk.

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  1. Hey,

    I'm one half of the band Wedding (which features Sam from Human Junk on drums). Any chance of posting a link to our new ep/demo? It's all up for download at

    11 tracks of short, shouty bass and drums fun.