Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Irish Bands Post

I haven't been posting many bands from the Republic of Ireland as it's outside the UK, so here are three very different sounding bands from the city of Dublin.

Crowd Control - 7" EP

Cleveland influence Crust sadly not long for this world as all the members also play in different bands.  They did break up briefly when a member moved to Japan but reformed when he came back after the Tsunami.  This 7" features cover of Misery by Bastard and Serve And Protect by Citizens Arrest.  You can get this from Disposable Culture.

Contort - Endless Myopic Bastards tape

Japanese Noise Punk influenced Hardcore for fans of GISM and D-Clone.  Available in Ireland from Distroy Records or in the UK from Headwrecker.  You can download Contort's first demo tape from their Tumblr.

EDIT: Contort have since put up a better quality rip of this tape on their Tumblr.

Loose Nut - Nut Loose tape

Early 80's influenced Hardcore featuring members of Crowd Control.  Cheap as chips production put together for their UK tour with Crowd Control.

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