Thursday, 7 November 2013

JohnXMcClane - EP

New Powerviolence band from Marghetto, don't know much about them EDIT: Just found out they're ex-members of Cry Wolf, haven't even got round to see them play yet (think I first saw their name on the line up for the Homewrecker show at Platform 5 but I didn't go because it looked like it would be too much mosh and not enough fast for me to enjoy).  I'd like to use the rest of this post to talk about the scene in my home county seeing as I haven't done much of that in a while.  Things in Kent seem a little stagnant right now, a lot of venues (read as pubs) that allow DIY shows are having their live license pulled from noise complaints, the only venues that are going strong are Platform 5 wine bar in Ashford (which is next to a Chavy nightclub and Ashford International train station so there's no danger of having their live license taken away for reason other venues have any time soon) and recently a new practice space venue in Canterbury which is actually part of a school for disabled people that became a music venue thanks to Reid from New Weapons getting a job as a music teacher and also minding the space for local bands to practice (which also helps fund the school), because of it's location it's a little hard for me to get there and back by train (the last time I went I had to dash out two songs into MeAndGoliath's set so I wouldn't miss my train) but I'm going again next week for Iron Lung which is on a Sunday so they're starting the show early to allow people from London to come down, which works out great for me too.   When I first started getting into DIY Hardcore the venue the scene in kent centered around was the Scout Hut in Canterbury, then that went away, there was a lull for a few years then the scene came back in a big way when they started having shows at Chantry Lane Social Club, also in Canterbury, that was great for a while, until it had it's live license pulled because of a fucking Dubstep night, some shows that were meant to happen there got moved to the RAFA in Chatham, which was good for me seeing as that's only an hours walking distance from my house, but sadly shows didn't continue there due to local promoters failing to give a shit anymore.  Because the scene is concentrated mostly in the southern part of the county, and me living in the northern part it's actually easier for me to get to shows in London, it seems like we are going through another lull, Margate which used to be a great place for shows (and also having the highest rate of unemployment in the county), EDIT: If you can't tell I usually write these very early in the morning while I'm drinking coffee, there was a thought that connected the previous two statements but it's been lost to the winds of time, great place for Hardcore, shit for everything else was the point I think was trying to get across.  I'd love the scene to flourish again but it just seems like it needs some time and a new venue that allows all ages shows.  I'm going to stop doing regular posts on here as I've exhausted my supply of rips of stuff I picked up at Scumfest, Chaos In tejas and Chimpyfest, if I pick up something new that I can't find a rip off anywhere else or if I find a new band that gives their stuff away for free I'll make a post but this is going to the last time I update this month.

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