Thursday, 2 April 2015

Adolescents/Svetlanas - "Hot War" split 7"

Adolescents: One of the first Hardcore bands out of Orange County whose contribution to this split could charitably be described as  "tolerable" but if this is your first exposure to them I'd recommend listening to their first album then you could go the rest of your life without listening to anything else they did.
Svetlanas: Originally from Moscow but now exiled to Milan because of their anti-government stance.  Musically they remind me of Beyond Pink, mostly because they're a fast Punk band with female vocals in a heavy Europeany accent, they're actually one of the most confrontational Punk bands I've seen live, if you ever want to get shoved around be a tiny Russian woman, go to one of their shows and stand near the front.

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  1. These new Adolescents songs might not be much good, but when I saw them last year they killed it. Great show.