Friday, 18 August 2017

Agathocles ‎– Total Fucking Chimpoggerthocles • Live At Chimpyfest 2016 tape or: the time Mincecore pioneers got too drunk to play or be trusted with microphones

Sorry again for the long silence, I've been busy doing grown up things like working a full time job to keep the roof over my head in the house I moved into earlier this year, but I did pick up some things at this year's Obscene Extreme and Chimpyfest to keep doing posts until October at least.

Speaking of Chimpyfest, I've been taking pictures at DIY fests since last year and I actually have quite a few from the performance this was recorded at, I thought I'd narrate with what I remember.

Day 2 of Chimpyfest 2016 ended on a high, Tools Of The Trade from Malaysia and Looking For An Answer from Spain fucking smashed it for joint best performances of the fest, but then......then Agathocles stumbled onstage.  Obviously drunk they began soundchecking (the first 15 minutes of side I is just soundcheck), the guitarist had stripped down to his boxers, Jan had seemed to handover bass responsibilities to someone else (I've heard they're a member of the Dutch band, Pancreatic Purulence who played earlier that day but I'm not sure if that's right).  When they were finally ready Jan was nowhere to be seen, so the drummer took a mic asked where he was then threw it on the ground, which fucked off the soundguys at T.Chances.  The white guy with a ponytail (don't know his name, sorry) rushed up to the stage, asked the drummer why they were being disrespectful to their equipment, which was just brushed off (the two guys who do sound at T.Chances are good people who do a better job than you'd expect at a dive Punk venue, but DON'T EVER FUCK WITH THEIR EQUIPMENT), Jan finally showed up, in a denim jacket with no shirt and a headband, giving the appearance of Hank Von Helvete from Turbonegro if he somehow managed to let himself go even further, stammered "sorry we're all drunk, we'll try to play some D-Beat."

They were a fucking mess

They only had audible vocals for the first few songs as Bev, the other soundman at T.Chances began confiscating mics and leads as a punitive measure for throwing one on the ground before they started. 

Then Jan tried singing without a microphone (if you've ever seen the documentary Another State Of Mind, it was like the scene when the tour got to Baltimore and the sound men freaked out and took the microphones away from Minor Threat so Ian just started to lead the crowd in a giant sing along, but much less inspiring). 

Tutek who does Lost Data Productions gave Jan, I think one of his smaller cameras to pretend it was a mic.

Then Jan went for a ride.

Did I mention they were all very drunk?  They were very drunk.

Eventually someone found a mic and a lead Bev had missed, just in time for Jan to have a touching duet with the Guitarist from the Polish band Deterrence.

The drummer decided it was sleepy time so he got swapped out for the girl from the Mexican band Nephyla.

Then, whatever the fuck this was supposed to be happened.

Aaaaand this is when my camera ran out of batteries, the guitarist handed over to the guy from Deterrence and Bev the soundman took over bass, because why the fuck not by this stage.  The whole thing ended in this weird jam session with no member of Agathocles actually onstage.  The Chimpyfest crew conspired with Grindfather Productions to release this tape with fest pre-order tickets for this year's edition.  There was a picture floating around Facebook of two members of the band passed out on the staircase of the hostel they were staying in.

[If someone could put a link to it in the comments I'll edit this post and put it here]

A lot of these pictures I took wound up in the liner notes for this tape, which is fine, just would have been nice to be credited is all.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Lebenden Toten - Static! one sided 12"

Recent release by Portland Noise Punks active since the early 2000's, this is just one 10 minute + song, the other side is a laser etching of a drawing of Praying Mantises.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Siege - 失われたセッション - Lost Session '91 7"

Cult Boston Hardcore often credited as being one of the main bands who influenced Napalm Death and the Grindcore genre.  This is a recent reissue of a demo made when Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt became their singer, it came out before as a three song 7" in 2014 but then one more song was discovered and added to this new release.

Friday, 9 June 2017