Friday, 29 June 2018

Fucked Up - High Rise 7"

Toronto cult Hardcore band turned Indie Rock scenester darlings love to do random covers of obscure Twee bands, here's a two song 7" with covers of The Trainspotters and Jade Hairpins.  Available from Tankcrimes.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Hooded Menace/Algoma - split 12"

You know what, fuck it, I'm not even going to address when I take ages between posts anymore.  I have a grown up job and a house with a mortgage on it, I don't always have time to do this.

Hooded Menace: Death Doom from Joensuu & Helsinki, Finland
Algoma: Sludge from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Friday, 9 February 2018

JFA/Rash Decision/The Broken Bones Gentlemens Club - "Dean Lane Hardcore Funday" 3 way split 7"

Jodie Foster's Army: Skate themed Hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona.  Active in the 80's but reformed now because why wouldn't they, every band, no matter of how small significance will reform, Eternal Return, everything that has happened will continue to happen, FOREVER!  They only have live tracks, nothing new recorded.
Rash Decision: Hardcore from Falmouth, Cornwall featuring the dude from Monolithian.
BBGC: Hardcore from Britol

Friday, 2 February 2018

Sump/Sesso Violento - split 7"

I'm not dead, grown up life has just been getting in the way again.

Sesso Violento broke up for the 2nd time at the end of last year.  Originally an off shoot for the members of Cthulhu Youth (minus Aaron), broke up and continued with just the singer, Umberto playing most if not all of the instruments, resurrected as a live band by recruiting the members of Cease To Exist (again, minus Aaron).

Sump is a two man Blackened Punk band from Yorkshire.

Friday, 3 November 2017

SxFxCx/Bestial Vomit - split 7"

Smelling Fetid Corpse: Not a shitty Goregrind band like the name would suggest, two piece Grindcore project from Lima, Peru with a girl on vocals and a guy playing everything else.
Bestial Vomit: Grindcore from Bastardo, Italy, which I was surprised to find out is a real place.  They've recently been on an epic tour month Euro tour (which is just wrapping up at the time I'm posting this), I've managed to catch them in London and Eindhoven, weirdly they were promoted at both shows as being from Peru.  Two reasons I could see why; 1) there's a Black Metal band from Lima with the same name who unlike the Italian band have a presence on Facebook, so when promoters are looking for information to put on their event page they are lazily putting the band name in the search bar and just coming up with the other band 2) the band themselves are pretending they're the Black Metal band just to fuck with people, both of which are entirely plausible.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Mister Lizard pre-7" material

Weird mix of Powerviolence and Noise Rock, based in London but most of the members come from different places, I know the drummer is from Gravesend in my home county of Kent and also plays in Noise Rock/Post-Hardcore band Screen Wives.  When I made an attempt at a UK scene report post a couple months back I noticed that their bandcamp had gone down and you could only pay to order/download a digital copy of their new 7", here's three things that you used to be able to get for pay what you want from their bandcamp that they took down for some reason, I'm not going to bother puting them up in separate links as it's not a massively huge zip file.