Friday, 5 September 2014

Cease To Exist - Fuck Collective Zine Bootleg

So we haven't heard from the UK most hated band in a while.  There's been a few line up changes what with people leaving or being asked to leave, they're on this self destructive Gehenna/GG Allin trip where they do whatever and don't care who gets offended which has earned them getting barred from certain venues and just generally scorned by the PC Punk scene.  In the meantime Faz and Aaron have been doing Ewige Schlangenkraft, a Lo Fi Black Metal side project ( you can find there releases here along with other bands that sprung from the Cthulhu Youth family tree).  This sounds like demo material for the long delayed LP on Church Of Fuck, the title refers to a thread on the Collective Zine forum where a bunch of people accused them of misogynist because one of the people Aaron shoved over at a show in Ashford happened to be a girl (Aaron makes a habit of throwing people on the floor at their shows, it's just his thing), from my own experience it does seem like some of the people who post there seem to act like they're the vanguard for the UK Punk scene, that having said I do go on there myself from time to time to see if there are any decent DIY shows coming up.