Monday, 28 March 2011

A post in which I gush about how bloody brilliant Never Again were and bitch about Holy Roar and Thirty Days Of Night

Some of the best bands had the shortest life spans. Never Again from Canterbury, Kent existed between Summer 2009 and Autumn 2010, two demo tapes, an EP, two split 7”s and several jaunts around Europe, easily the most popular Straight Edge UKHC band since xCanaanx. Around the time they announced they were breaking up there was some rumours about Edge breaking, but all the members have gone on to do other Straight Edge bands (vocalist Luke now plays bass in STAB and the rest are in Norse myth obsessed Holy Terrorists Wayfarer), so nyer. Before they broke up they released a discography LP on Holy Roar, who I have a love/hate relationship with, love because they let you download the songs from the records they sell on their website but hate because they also give the option of selling MP3s separate from the records and continue after the record is sold out. Personally I believe that if the physical record is out of print you should just give the music away for free. Being a record collector I just don’t understand the mentality of people who pay to download music, but I guess you could argue that money goes to support the artists, and at least they aren’t as cuntish as Thirty Days of Night who sell MP3s through iTunes and get blogs taken down for daring to put up download links to their releases, even if they are long out of print. Anyway, back to Never Again, there's one song that isn’t on their discography LP, the demo version of Enough Is Enough from the Repulsed tape, they re-recorded it on the Pressure 7” and that’s the one they went with.

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