Friday, 22 June 2012

Battle Of Wolf 359 - The Death Of Affect LP

Screamo from Kent/London with members of Lich and MeAndGoliath finally calling it a day playing their final four shows starting this weekend:

Sat 23rd June - The Bar Below, Folkestone Kent with Skylark, Citizens +more
Sun 24th June - The Windmill, Brixton with Human Junk, Jackals, Apollo Greed +more (benefit for the ABC)
Thur 28th June - The Baracke, Munster with Resurrectionists, Loma Prieta, Tempest, Panzram and Autarkeia
Sat June 30th - Cry Me A River Fest, Versmold with Panzram, Grinding Halt, June Paik, Graf Orlock and more

I always thought they sounded like Shai Hulud crossed with Circle Takes The Square with added shouting about politics, this album was the best thing they did.

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