Friday, 21 November 2014

Communal Grave 10" compilation

International Powerviolence compilation (although there is some straight up Grindcore and Crossover Thrash snuck on here) featuring (mostly) new tracks from: Controlled Existence, Gets Worse, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Mangle, Prügelknabe, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Vile Intent and The Shining.  It comes with an 84 page zine, which I'm not going to scan, you want to read it, buy your own copy.  This is actually volume 1, volume 2 is already out, I'll pick that up next time I see it in a distro and make a rip off it too (EDIT: someone beat me to it).


  1. Hell freakin' yeah, this shit rules man !!!!! My bud was in Prugelknabe, trying to get them to do some more stuff. Might get them on my new comp coming soon, which is gonna be good ! I'll keep you posted.

  2. hi there, could you please this stuff? thanks a lot!!