Friday, 1 April 2016

Nervous Mothers/Art Of Burning Water - split 7"

NM: Raging Powerviolence from Antwerp, Belgium.
AOBW: Rearranging what I said about them a few posts ago, they sound like Melvins gone Crust, they also have a third split coming out this year with Famine, a great Powerviolence band from Leeds.

I got this at the record release show two weeks ago but you can get it from SuperFi Records, buy it, fuckos.
I went to the trouble of making a rip of this and then they gone done and put it up on Bandcamp for "pay what you want"


  1. Hey mate, just recently found your blog and rummaged around all your stuff and picked up some really cool records, thanks for the uploads.
    What I've noticed is that a lot of stuff from 2015 and almost everything from 2014 is already gone from zippy, which is a bummer since you're going through the effort of putting this all up. Have you thought about switching the site you're uploading to so it stays available for longer?
    Are you doing re-ups at all?

  2. I re-up things as and when people ask