Friday, 25 August 2017

Art Of Burning Water/Famine - split 7" and some loose thoughts on the current UK scene

This was penciled in to come out last year (if you remember the last time I wrote about this band), but instead they released an LP, a split tape with Containment from London, a split 7" with Nothing Clean from Leicester (a band a highly recommend if you miss Gets Worse and want to hear a UK band do Powerviolence the way it should fucking sound) and a remix tape, all in the past year, I've compared them to Melvins, not just they are the most obvious influence but because they also try to emulate their insane release schedule.

Unfortunately they've been forced to cancel all of their shows this Summer due to vocalist/guitarist Grief getting injured before they were supposed to play Supersonic festival in Birmingham.  I was disappointed to hear about that as they don't seem (or at least rarely) play outside of London and playing a festival like that is the kind of recognition they really deserve, of any genre I think of them as one of the best live UK bands active right now.  I encourage everyone to buy their records, not to offset any medical costs (thankfully this is still a country where healthcare is considered a human right) but because they're a solid band who deserve all the support they get.

Famine are a three piece Grindcore band from Leeds who sprang from the family tree of bands coming from The Afternoon Gentlemen.  While I'm thinking about current bands from Leeds, I also want to recommend Lugubrious Children, three piece Powerviolence band who've just done a tour of USA (more and more of our DIY bands seem to be doing that, Endless Swarm, Powerviolence from Edinburgh, Dawn Ray'd Blackened Crust from Liverpool from the ashes of We Came Out Like Tigers, at the time of writing Mister Lizard, arty Powerviolence from London have just finished roaming the States...what was I talking about, oh yeah, bands from Leeds) and Hex, gender balanced Thrash/PV.

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