Friday 7 December 2018

Nothing Clean - Cheat LP

OK, this will be my final post for the year, for realsies this times.  Best UKPV release of the year from Leicester band featuring ex-members of Hangover Heartattack and Toecutter also some member started a side band with ex-member of Mangle, Nazi Killer who put out their first 7" this year.  You can download the album for pay want you want from their Bandcamp but the LP has a bonus track that isn't on the digital version, after the album proper ends the LP has a stuck groove so you have to pick the needle up and put it on the extra track, EDIT: which I've just found out is there contribution to the Spazz tribute LP which came out a while ago.  Also the last time I mentioned this band I said they were filling the hole in the UKPV scene for people who miss Gets Worse, Gets Worse didn't break up, they were just on hiatus, they've got an LP coming out next year.