Friday 31 August 2018

Talk Hard - Sarah Connor's Will 7"

A brief history of my obsession with this early 2000's Boston Hardcore band.  I picked up their split 7" with Canadian Straight Edge Thrashcore band Radical Attack, really liked their side then years later I happened to find their 2nd EP in Tome Records (DIY Space For London is a pig to get to but the upside is you can shop for records between bands if you want).  Recently I got curious about their 1st EP and found you can actually find it pretty cheap on Discogs.  This was actually the first release on Don Giovanni Records, a label I would like to point out would go on to put out records by acclaimed Indie rappers such as Moor Mother and Sammus, and the fist song on their debut 7" on their label is a song about record collecting titled I Don't Like You Because You Are Black......can the term Edgelord be applied retroactively before people started using it, because I feel it really applies here.