Friday 28 August 2015

Matka Teresa/Suffering Mind - "Next Children Generation" split 7"

Matka Teresa: International Grindcore band which has had members from Poland, Brazil, Netherlands and France, currently based out of New York and Amsterdam.   Their side sounds like it was recorded on a cheap, shitty digital dictaphone.
Suffering Mind: Legendary Grind band from Lublin Poland.  Their side is a fairly decent sounding live recording.

Friday 7 August 2015

Agatha/Canine - split 7"

Agatha: 90's Riot Grrrl throwback from Seattle, Washington
Canine: Queer Femcrust from Sydney, Australia

While recently on tour in Europe Canine had their van broken into and all the money they made stolen along with some of their personal stuff, a Go Fund Me page was started to help them recoup the loss, their $4,500 goal was reached in a month but you can still give money if you wish.