Friday 3 November 2017

SxFxCx/Bestial Vomit - split 7"

Smelling Fetid Corpse: Not a shitty Goregrind band like the name would suggest, two piece Grindcore project from Lima, Peru with a girl on vocals and a guy playing everything else.
Bestial Vomit: Grindcore from Bastardo, Italy, which I was surprised to find out is a real place.  They've recently been on an epic tour month Euro tour (which is just wrapping up at the time I'm posting this), I've managed to catch them in London and Eindhoven, weirdly they were promoted at both shows as being from Peru.  Two reasons I could see why; 1) there's a Black Metal band from Lima with the same name who unlike the Italian band have a presence on Facebook, so when promoters are looking for information to put on their event page they are lazily putting the band name in the search bar and just coming up with the other band 2) the band themselves are pretending they're the Black Metal band just to fuck with people, both of which are entirely plausible.