Friday 17 January 2014

Sesso Violento - Molestador one sided 12"

So last year Cthulhu Youth announced they'd got back together and fuck all happened, then just after Christmas Prison Tatt Records released this new Sesso Violento without any prior warning.  8 tracks, no song titles, because they kvlt and mysterious like that, this is limited to 100 copies, came came hand labeled 41/100 so if you want one you'd better get on that soon.

Friday 3 January 2014

Column Of Heaven/Radioactive Vomit - split 7"

CoH: Theologian Powerviolence from Toronto featuring ex-members of The Endless Blockade and Shank.
RV: Raw Black Metal from Vancouver.

Feast Of Tentacles put this out the same time as South Kent Neocrusties Harrowed's debut album, it comes with a download code so I won't put it up here.  Buy it you cheap fuckers!  Also I'm starting a new job soon so I'll be doing new posts every other Saturday instead of Friday mornings from now on.