Friday 28 September 2018

Corrupted - Felicific Algorithim 12"

It's been a long, strange journey for Osaka's Corrupted.  They started off as one of the 90's most brutal Sludge Metal band with songs almost exclusively in Spanish (for...reasons I'm sure), transitioning into epic Post-Metal with two of their later period songs stretching for over an hour.  Their singer, Hevi left in 2011 leaving the band to continue as an instrumental three piece.  This is their most recent release on the UK's Cold Spring, which is a variable speed Noise record (it can be played on either 33 or 45), this rip is on 45 because that one just sounded right to me.

EDIT:  Alright, fuck it, I got bored and ripped it on 33 as well.

Friday 21 September 2018

藤本修羅 & Swarrrm ‎– 玉砕放送 7"

Swarrrm are a Progressive Grindcore from Kobe, Japan active since the late 90's.  I was introduced to them by split 7"'s with other bands, in fact I thought that's what this is when I picked it up the back cover makes it seem like it's a split rather than a collaboration EP.  I can't find any information on Shura Fujimoto, this record is the only entry on his Discogs page and when I google his name I just get information about a character from a manga and accompanying anime.  There's a lot of guitar noodling on this ep (is that Shura Fujimoto?) and the vocals are more shouty HC style rather than the Extreme Metal growling Swarrrm's vocalist normally does (maybe that's Shura Fujimoto, I don't know, all the writing in the liner notes are in Japanese).

Monday 17 September 2018

Man Hands/Human Junk - "Man Junk" split tape

I don't do this often, in fact I outright refuse to repost old stuff I've already made rips of, but the first attempt of this came out so quiet (I hadn't done too many tape rips before) that I decided to make a new rip.

Man Hands are a Thrashcore in the vein of Charles Bronson.  Started with ex-members of Winter In June, November Coming Fire and at the time current members of Lakes/Kid Pang, Gareth from NCF left after the second release and replaced by John from Sky:Lark, this was the first release with him on vocals.  They haven't released anything new in a while but they can be coaxed into playing live every now and then.  Members are also playing in Rudimentary Peni doing Post-Punk band Snob, Converge playing Neocrust unit Harrowed, spacey Krautrock inspired Cosmic Thoughts and Post-several genres Negative Space.

Human Junk were a Powerviolence band from Broadstairs  modelled after Hellnation.  Came from the ashes of Face Of Death and existed at the same time as the entirely too short lived Mind Eraser style band Ripped To Shreds.  After they finished Sam playing in two piece Post-Hardcore band Wedding with one of the guys from Kind Eyes.

This is the part where I get weepy that the scene in Kent is non-existent and it won't be what it was when there was still shows at the old practice rooms in Cliftonville "but what about the burgeoning scene in Folkestone and the new practice room venue in Minster?" I LIVE IN MAIDSTONE, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET TO THOSE PLACES BY TRAIN AND HOW EARLY I'D HAVE TO LEAVE TO GET ONE BACK?  Why don't YOU come to MY town, you can see bands at Drakes pub for free AND get gluten free Vegan pizza, would that be so bad?

EDIT: Since I wrote This, Drakes has shut down and Ponga Foods, who provided the Vegan pizza have moved to a café in Allington.

EDIT: Since adding that edit Drakes has reopened under new management and Ponga now operates three days a week out of an antique shop in Chatham, they no longer do pizzas.

Thursday 6 September 2018

Sheer Terror - Pall In The Family 7"

New 7" on Reaper Records, there's also a CD version on Rebellion which includes the tracks from the Spite 7" and their side of the split with Old Firm Casuals.  This is the first released with a two guitar line up (Gary from Kill Your Idols is a full member now).  This is something of a concept record, all the songs on it are written about the bitter divorce that the bands current bass player, Jason went through in the year leading up to recording it.

As a bonus I've made a new rip of the Sham 69 covers 7" because the old one was made with a dying PC that came out with weird digital glitches which at the time I just though "meh, good enough."