Friday 17 April 2015

Death Penalty - Sign Of Times 7"

Trad Doom project by musicians based in UK and Belgium, members previously played in Cathedral and Serpentcult. 
As a bonus I've also made a rip of the 7" that comes with the Die Hard edition of their self titled LP

Saturday 11 April 2015

Sheer Terror - Kaos For Kristin 7"

The most underrated NYHC band in terms of their influence on modern Hardcore, DO NOT FUCKING ARGUE WITH ME!  If you haven't listened to their debut album Just Can't Hate Enough, you are a tool, end of.  Starting with a base of primitive Hardcore influences from Negative Approach and Discharge then adding health doses of Motörhead and Celtic Frost, any Metallic Hardcore band who mixes guttural and melodic singing has either been directly influenced by this band or by bands who took influence from them (Life Of Agony anyone?).  If you have the time, watch the documentary about them, it's like a Hardcore version of Spinal Tap or Anvil, anything that could have gone wrong for that band did go wrong for them.  This is a benefit 7" of Sham 69 covers, because even though they are innovators in the genre, they are still a NYHC band so they have an inexplicably deep rooted love of Oi that comes with the territory, they even get John Deptford from Combat 84 to do guest vocals on That's Life.  The money goes to the family of their friend Kristin Magee who passed away in 2012 but they are still having to pay her medical bills (because 'Merica...), I realise I'm putting this up for people to download for free but seeing as the money is going to people who could really do with it, please consider buying it or you could donate directly to the family via Paypal: