Friday 30 October 2015

Geriatric Unit - S.O.T.O. 7"

Ex-Heresy and Iron Monkey members playing proper Hardcore.  They've put this out to coincide with their co-headlining Japan tour with Crucial Section (the lyric sheet even comes with Japanese translations), last time they did that was the GU/CS split 7" for their first Japanese tour, then Geriatric Unit returned the favour and took Crucial Section with them on a tour of the UK.  So hopefully that means we can expect to see Crucial Section in the UK again quite soon.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything the previous month, that's because Summer is over and I've run out of rips I made of what I picked up at festivals.  Last weekend I went to a show and picked up a load of records from the Active Rebellion distro.  Irena, who runs it, is based in Leeds but she also tour manages for foreign bands, so if you go to any Crust Punk show around the UK* chances are you'll see her with boxes and boxes of records.

*Which you should be doing anyway, support live music you peice of shit.