Friday 13 October 2017

Mister Lizard pre-7" material

Weird mix of Powerviolence and Noise Rock, based in London but most of the members come from different places, I know the drummer is from Gravesend in my home county of Kent and also plays in Noise Rock/Post-Hardcore band Screen Wives.  When I made an attempt at a UK scene report post a couple months back I noticed that their bandcamp had gone down and you could only pay to order/download a digital copy of their new 7", here's three things that you used to be able to get for pay what you want from their bandcamp that they took down for some reason, I'm not going to bother puting them up in separate links as it's not a massively huge zip file.

Friday 6 October 2017

Sytematic Death - Systema-Ten one sided 12"

Raging Hardcore from Tokyo sounding better than any reformed band from the 80's down to two original members has any right to be.  The other side has an awesome screen printed painting of a demon.