Monday 28 February 2011

On Thin Ice - All Hope Abandon 7"

More Margate Mosh

Jealous - S/T 7"

Noisey Straight Edge Hardcore from the West Midlands, ended when the singer broke Edge, continuing with a new singer under the name Let It Die.

The Dukes Of Nothing - Half Evil 7"

London based ex-members of Iron Monkey and Orange Goblin playing Sludey Aggro Punk.  B-side is a raucous cover of Bastard Son Of A Loaded Gun by GG Allin.  After they split up Dean went on to play in instrumental stoners Capricorns before moving to Canada with his wife, Tony still works with Southern Records (and handles PR for band on Hydrahead and Southern Lord in the UK) as well as being a co-vocalist in Welsh hate mob 33.  Embarrassingly Doug's name turned up on a leaked list of BNP members, he was listed as an "Activist".

Run Your Mouth comp 7"

Three bands six track
Brain Dead, Powerviolence from Leicestershire
Self Destruct, D.I.Y. Hardcore from Leeds
Search & Destroy, Skinheads from Yorkshire.
One original track each and one cover from each band with Brain Dead covering Negative FX (Citizens Arrest), Self Destruct doing Zero Boys (Outta Style) and Searh & Destroy doing I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys......I'm not even fucking joking.

Hangover Heartattack - S/T 7"

Teenagers from Leicester playing Nihilistic Powerviolence, because they were heavy drinkers and druggers someone thought it would be funny to spread a rumour that they were Straight Edge.  They are still together with a slightly different line up under the name Toecutter.

Sunday 27 February 2011

The Mingers - Universal Disarmament 7"

Holy fuck do I miss this band, Political D.I.Y. Hardcore from Leeds with the cutest Crust Punk girl you could ever see for a vocalist.  Members went on to be in Cutting Class.

Search & Destroy - English Terror Boys 7"

Negative Approach like Skinhead Hardcore from Bridlington & Hull in the East Riding area of Yorkshire.  Available from Endless Quest Records.

Burning The Prospect - S/T 7"

Crustcore from Boston Not Boston.

On Thin Ice - Relentless Demo 7"

Moshable Hardcore from that ghost town by the seaside that is Margate on the Kent coast.  Featuring the vocal stylings of Nate Hate of xCanaanx fame.  This was the last thing they released (really good cover of Don't Tread On Me by Cro-Mags).  After this they broke up and formed a Straight Edge Krishnacore band Age Of Kali which lasted one demo 7" (see We Heart Kent blog in the links), then reformed OTI for a minute before Nate fucked off up North to do Rot In Hell.

Saturday 26 February 2011

Send More Paramedics - Unreleased + Demo tape

Fuck yes, when Send More Paramedics decided to call it a day they did one last UK tour and brought 300 copies of this tape with a load of rare and unreleased stuff on it, you can find the video edit of Zombified, covers of Mötley Crüe (Kickstart My Heart), 45 Grave (Partytime), My War (100 Fighting Dogs) and they even put their first Demo as a bonus!

Face Of Death - Demo tape

Face Of Death were a two piece Thrashcore band from the Thanet area of Kent, the members went on to be in Never Again, Ripped To Shreds, Human Junk and STAB.

Brain Dead - Demo tape

Powerviolence from Leicestershire

Patient Zero/Flick Knives And Splinters - split 7"

Patient Zero were a Crusty Thrashcore band from Boston Not Boston who shared some members with Burning The Prospect, Flick Knives And Splinters were a female fronted Powerviolence/Fastcore band from Leeds.