Tuesday 23 April 2024

Human Junk - Demo tape

 I had a rip of this I got off another blog from years ago but it was really quiet and tinny sound so I made my own.  Human Junk was a Powerviolence band from Broadstairs, Kent in the style of Hellnation featuring Sam Richardson who ran Keep Screaming Records and previously played drums in Ripped To Shreds as well as drums and co-vocals with Luke Overin (who would go onto front Never Again) in Face Of Death.  I used to go see Human Junk loads, especially in the practice space run by the guitarist and drummer from Harrowed when they were still based in Cliftonville near Margate.  After Human Junk ended Sam went onto do Wedding, Post-Hardcore with Chris from Kind Eyes, the short lived Indiemo Pax Indigo and a couple of low-fi Indie bands, also with Chris The Silvery Moon and Help Yourself.