Saturday, 3 September 2016

Haymaker - 10 Bucks Worth Of Rope... 7"

Again, sorry for the long silence, I just started a new full time job two months ago which means I have less time to go to shows and make rips of the records I buy at shows but I did buy an irresponsible amount of vinyl at this years Chimpyfest which should keep in in content for this for a while as well as other random stuff I've picked up.

Jeff "Transpuncher" Beckman is back.  Boasting a member of both Chokehold and Left For Dead would make Haymaker infamous enough if it weren't for their reputation of rarely being able to play shows due to crowd violence and fires breaking out in clubs because of fireworks being let off by friends of the band at their behest (no, really).

This EP was originally only released with a special skate deck package with only 200 pressed, but then the band took pity on those of us who don't skate or aren't willing to pay loads just to get the 7" so a clear vinyl/sleeve version was printed with just 40 pressed.


  1. Fuck yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You rule !!!!!!!!!!
    Been looking for this one !!!!!!!!
    Thank you sirs !!!!!!!!!!!! :)