Friday 19 December 2014

Dead Inside - No.4 10"

I found this for £1 at the Notting Hill Music Exchange last weekend.   Dead Inside were around in the early 2000's and one of the many, many, many bands of "Bloody" Kev Greenham.  I was aware of them when they were around but it was at the time when I was just getting into heavy music but not cool enough to know about underground bands yet, in fact my only introduction to them was Kev doing guest vocals on one song on Raging Speedhorn's first album, another band Kev would later join when Frank left co-vocalist position due to commitments of becoming a father.  Considering most of the other bands Kev has been in I expected this to be Crust but the guitar work and the introspective nature of the lyrics remind me more of mid 80's DC Hardcore like Swiz.

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